Friday, September 13, 2002

Blogging CSS

Oof, adapting this movable type blog to my new style is not easy. First, figuring out how their style sheet works and then trying to meld that into my style.

I can only ask that you forgive me the size of the calendar. I'm hoping you don't have to actually see the numbers, that you can sort of intuit what they are...

Still new to this blogging stuff... not to mention that it's 3am.

New HTML VQS 5e Web Site

Attempting to practice what I now preach, I've been completely redesigning my Web site with XHTML and CSS. Once I finally got a style down (such that it is), the actual work has been rather fun, the kind I can listen to music while I do it.

I've taken advantage of two shortcuts in my code. First, I've created a "current" class that I can apply to the section header and link for the current page. This current section then stays purple to indicate that it's being viewed, and the cursor does not change into a pointer over it (even though the link is still there). The technique is described in a bit more detail on page 185. Now that I've got several pages with the same links, this saves a lot of time.

Another time saver is to use absolute URLs that start at the root directory. Instead of, for example, I use /html/extras/entities.html to the same effect (but with much less typing).

I'm rather pleased with all of the data--the examples, index, table of (X)HTML entities, and much more.

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