Tuesday, October 08, 2002

New Extra Tips section

I love FileMaker Pro. As I was writing the new fifth edition of HTML VQS, I would find little bits of information that were either too obscure for a particular topic, or that simply didn't fit on the page. So, instead of writing it in a to-do list or thinking maybe I'd write an article about it someday, I just popped it into a quickly-created FileMaker database. When I finished the book, there were some 40 extra tips, already written up and ready to go.

They're a bit esoteric, but perhaps you'll find them useful. More likely, you'll just find one or two of them useful, but they'll be so useful you'll be glad you waded through the others to find them. And the next person who stops by will find two other useful ones, that you dismissed as completely obvious or irrelevant.

Check out the extra tips.

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