Friday, June 30, 2006

IE7 beta 3

Microsoft released a new version of its Internet Explorer 7 browser today. (I'm getting strange "can't find that file" errors everywhere on Microsoft's site, not sure what that's about but I'm glad I was able to download it already). I had to uninstall IE7 beta2 (instructions here) in order to install beta3, but luckily with Parallels, I could just make a copy of my whole Virtual machine so I can still have beta 2 kicking around if I want to compare.

Speaking of comparing, I couldn't find a lot of differences at first glance in (X)HTML or CSS display at first glance. But I'll let you know.


Gloria said...

Why don't you use Firefox? Just curious.

Liz Castro said...

I do use Firefox (though my brother thinks I should use Safari). But lots of other people use Explorer, so I have to at least test on IE as well.

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