Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sixth Edition of HTML, XHTML, and CSS Visual QuickStart Guide!

I have just updated the home page of my Web site to reflect the upcoming release of the Sixth Edition of my bestselling book on HTML, XHTML, and CSS:

In August, 2006, the full-color, Sixth Edition of my bestselling guide to creating Web pages will be released. HTML, XHTML, and CSS, Sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide continues the tradition that helped earlier editions sell more than a million copies:

  • clear, concise step-by-step instructions,
  • a complete treatment of HTML, XHTML, and CSS,
  • a modern approach that espouses standards without getting religious,
  • information and techniques for cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility,
  • and a thorough index that makes the book the most complete and useful reference on the subject that you will find anywhere.
I can hear you saying, “The specs haven't changed. What could be different in this book?" Well, it's true that the specifications for HTML, XHTML, and CSS haven't changed much, but the way people use those specifications has changed. A lot. And the browsers that interpret those specs have also evolved. I have revamped the examples throughout the book to reflect new and updated browsers, the growing emphasis on standards, CSS layout, and also the push toward multimedia and syndication. There are brand new chapters on using CSS for Handhelds and on Syndication and Podcasting as well as added individual sections throughout the book. And it's all in color!

I will be posting more information about the new Sixth Edition, including the updated table of contents, in the coming weeks, as soon as I come out from under the gun of its impending deadline. If you'd like, you can pre-order the book from Amazon at a 37% discount. I look forward to any comments you may have.


Anonymous said...

hi liz
i,m in iran and read the fifth edition of this book.
that was very nice book and i enjoy it.
but is in new edition you say about new feature in IE 7.0 that support css and html function?
and also do it for firefox?
thanks a lot

Liz Castro said...

Hi, Thanks for the kind words.

Yes, the sixth edition will cover how IE7 and Firefox support HTML, XHTML, and CSS. If a particular browser doesn't support an element or property, or treats it differently than other browsers, I point that out in the tips section for that element or property, and where possible offer suggestions or alternatives.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

hey liz,

i haven't read one of your books, but if there will be a german-translated version of your book, i'll buy it for sure! will there be a german-tranlsated version of this book? :-)

greetings from switzerland

Liz Castro said...

Hi, I would guess that yes, the 6th edition of my “big book” will be translated into German, but I don't have any details yet. Earlier editions were published in German by Markt+Technik and they also published my Visual QuickProject Book (the beginner's guide to HTML, XHTML, and CSS) in German.

I'll post more information here as soon as I know. Thanks for asking!

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