Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Czech and Polish Editions of HTML, XHTML and CSS

Today I received three copies of the Czech edition of my HTML, XHTML, and CSS Visual Quickstart Guide... they look wonderful, though I can't read a word of them.

Although I'd like to keep one of them, I'm happy to offer the other two in exchange for shipping charges and a good deed (see Foreign Editions on my Web site for more details).

I also have a single copy of the Polish translation of the Sixth edition... I'm not giving it away, but at least you know it exists.

Let me know if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

I would be interested in Polish one... but it's not on the offer... So I will pass... anyway, I could take the Czech one, considering how similar this language is to Polish (http://jonathan.beaton.name/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/indoeuropean-language-family-tree.jpg ) and make good laugh of it - both Czech and Slovak sounds really funny for Poles, because many of the worlds are similar to diminutions of Polis words ;)

Liz Castro said...

Interesting, I had no idea Polish and Czech were so similar. I'll look to see if I have any other Polish copies. If you want the Czech, send me your email (you can go to my contact page if you don't want to post it here (http://www.cookwood.com/html/contact.html)

And the tree was neat, but it didn't list Catalan :( or Galician :( not to mention Portuguese!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that tree is somewhat limited. No, I don't want Czech one, thank you very much for asking.

Anonymous said...

I bought Polish version of Your book and I think it's great! Well done! This book taught me a lot :) best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am reading Polish translation ATM and it's very professional and the book itself - awesome :)

Liz Castro said...

@mad5ci, thanks! it's so good to hear that. I'm always curious to know whether the translations are any good.

Anonymous said...

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