Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My new "semi-personal" blog

I wanted to invite you all to visit my new blog, Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis. The name comes from the three big interests in my life right now:
  • pigs (but we also have chickens, goats, rabbits, lots of cats, a big huge dog, a similarly sized cow, and a very large pumpkin and gourd patch),
  • gourds (actually, I love most crafts, I even consider HTML a craft... it's just another way of making things with your hands. Apart from carving gourds, I'm also very into sewing and knitting),
  • and wikis (or anything technical. I'm embarrassed to admit that to date there's not a single entry about wikis, though I mean to get there, but there are other geeky, troubleshooting related posts).

I hope you enjoy it!


tammi said...

I just started reading your HTML, XHTML & CSS Quickstart guide and got to p. 25 where you mention your site. Since your site mentions your blog and since I have a blog, I had to come check it out. I can see myself visiting here and at "the Wiki Farm" often!!

爱月 said...

hey , ur new blog can not be visited in China for some UNknow resion ...
i'm very instrested in ur work ,can u please go on with this blog ?

Bradley Nordstrom said...

Gr8 post.I read your book Creating a Web Page with HTML.That book taught me a lot.This is the website I followed your intructions on.

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