Friday, May 22, 2009

Color matching on Epson printer

I'm making some bookmarks and business cards for the Ashfield Farmers Market and noticed that the raspberry was coming out much more purple than red. I called Epson tech support with, honestly, little hope that they'd be able to help.

Boy was I wrong. I started asking the tech support person what sort of CMYK profile I should be using and if that could be the problem. She said that I shouldn't be using CMYK at all, but rather RGB. I admit I didn't believe her at first. Why would a printer with CMYK inks require that documents be in RGB to print correctly?

But it turns out that Epson's drivers do the RGB to CMYK conversion for you, and if you send it a CMYK file, it converts that to RGB and then back again, and in my case, makes it all purple. Send it a file in RGB, and it prints quite nicely.

Thank you, Epson!

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