Saturday, September 06, 2008

Embedding an Already Embedded YouTube Video

What do you do when you see a YouTube video and you want to either send someone a link to it, or embed it in your own page? It's easy if you're viewing the movie right at the YouTube site. You can find the link you need to copy in the address bar:

Link to YouTube

and the code to embed the video in your blog post or Web site is over in the right-hand column:

Embed YouTube

But what do you do if you've found an embedded YouTube video on someone else's blog or Web site? Normally, you'd right-click (or Control-click) to copy the URL, but that won't work in this case, you'll get the menu options for the Flash Player, which won't be helpful.

Control click on YouTube video

What you have to do is hover over the small upward arrow in the lower-right corner of the embedded Video until the Links icon appears:

Link menu in embedded YouTube

Then click the Links icon and the video itself will shrink into the upper-left corner, while the code for Embedding the video and also for linking to it will appear on the right-hand side. Simply copy it to your blog post or Web page and you're all set.

Embedding or linking to an embedded video

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