Monday, August 14, 2006

HTML 6ed Table of Contents

Well, I got my first copies of the new Sixth Edition of my HTML, XHTML, and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide in my hands! They're beautiful, if I do say so myself! All full color, really clear, bigger example code, great new chapters. I'm pleased!

Check out the new Table of Contents.

I should have examples up by tomorrow. The rest of the site will be in a state of flux for the next few days, but hopefully not much longer than that.

You can preorder the book from Amazon for 37% off!


Joefish said...

Ooh, nice. That looks very promising.

Anonymous said...

Please, do something about the spam on the forum page....?

Liz Castro said...

Thanks for alerting me to the spam problems on my HTML Question and Answer board.

It's all better now.

David Goldman said...

Just picked up a copy of Sixth Edition HTML and it's beautiful. Been flipping through it and soon I should have some time to sit down and see what all the new stuff is (love all the color graphics). It's my third version, and about my 10th Visual Quick Start book. From a big fan who's learned many software programs with your help.
David Goldman

Mqtman said...

I just bought the sixth edition (I'm new to web page design) and it is really helping me to understand some of my obscure questions regarding XHTML and CSS. Thanks Elizabeth, Orlin

Sanford Rosser said...

Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...


Great book -- are you thinking about an AJAX book?


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