Wednesday, August 23, 2006

HTML, XHTML, and CSS 6th Edition Web Site

Putting all the examples from my books online is, in a word, a pain. It takes hours and hours to make sure that the files I've used as examples match the versions that I'm linking to on the Web pages. And since I've just been through a huge push to get the book done, my energy meter is really low (as my kids would say).

Still, I want you, my reader, to be able to read along in the book and then be able to find the example file on line and see if it really works as promised (and you can, and it does).

You can now find all the examples online.

You can also download the examples to work with locally from that same page. The index file in the download has a slightly different base tag so that the examples will be linked locally and not to my site. I have tested them pretty thoroughly, both on Mac and Windows and they work fine.

Nevertheless, please do contact me if you have any trouble or find any errata. (And if you suddenly find yourself transported to the Fifth edition pages, please let me know. It shouldn't happen!)

I hope you find it all useful.


Anonymous said...

hello - I teach web design and we just ordered 16 copies of your new book for my "Web Design 1" class. (html, xhtml, @ CSS, 6th edition)

I believe I saw a teachers guide on a publishers website for the 5th edition. Is there a teacher's guide available for the 6th edition?


Liz Castro said...

Thanks for using my book for your class. I hope it proves useful. I'll be happy to hear any feedback you have.

No, there isn't currently a Teacher's (or Student's) Edition for the Sixth Edition. To be honest, I'm not sure what the plans are on that account. I'll look into it.


Anonymous said...

I teach four classes (HTML/CSS) for community education in Minneapolis and recommend your books to all my students. Several have purchased them. Since uploading IE 7, I have noticed that even though the files are very simple HTML, some with a few CSS in them, we get the message:

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options..."

There are NO scripts or ActiveX (that I know of) in the HTML file. Why are we getting this message on all our class work? What am I doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

I bought your book and I'm very excited to start digging in. Word Press brought me to your door step and the 6th edition looks like it will be essential for my web site. I am just a noob with enough knowledge to be dangerous. I host my own site and have mountains to learn. I believe books like the 6th edition will help keep things from becoming too frustrating. The advent of XAMPP has made it so much easier for average computer users to host their own sites. I have only begun your book but I can already tell I made a good purchase, Thank you!
I was wondering if you have any plans for a windows "IPhoto" book?
It seems most graphics professionals tend to use the Mac platform( at least it seems that way) for their projects. Anyhow, Thanks for what seems to be a great book and if you ever want to see a noobs site you're more then welcome to check it out ( I know you're probably too busy, but just in case...)
Thanks again and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Recently purchased this book and I hope it will help me to improve my blog and new projects I am thinking of.

Anonymous said...


Can you tell me how the 6th edition of your book differs from the 5th? Is it radically different? Only minor changes?

- Ed

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your book.

But I'm having a bit of trouble getting objects to be centered. Using margin:right;margin:left; seems to have no effect, and I kind of want to stay away from <center>.

Any tips?

Tony Darlington said...

Ms. Castro,

I purchased both your 5th Ed. and 6th Ed. which have greatly assisted me during course for my BSIT at UOP.

I was wondering if you could recommend one CSS Book for Web Budding Web Designers which one would it be?

I am interesting in building my reference library for Web Design with the most useful and intuitive books.


Liz Castro said...

Hmm, CSS book... I guess, after my own :), I'd get Bulletproof Design, or Designing with Web Standards, or CSS Zen Garden.

Anonymous said...


My brother bought me your book for my birthday and i am enjoying learning how to make a website.
Although i am a little stuck... if i want to write on a new line but with no space between the lines... like what happens with paragraphs, how can i do that?

Liz Castro said...

Use <br /> for newlines.

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